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Sights in Alykes (Alikes) Alykanas (Alikes) Zante Island

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Sights in Alykes Zakynthos Greece

Alykes has a few unique places of interest of its own which are well worth a visit but also are relatively close to the most famous sights of Zakynthos, namely the Shipwreck and the glorious Blue Caves. Below you can find information on the various places to visit.

Salt Flats

Zakynthos - Salt Flats In the pretty resort of Alykes are the famous Salt Flats.

After the Second World War the Greek government was searching for a suitable place to produce salt. Alykes is one of the places which were chosen for it, because it was rich on flat land. Until the late 1970s salt was produced, but according to the Greek government in 1980, the company hasn't supplied enough profit anymore and therefore it was closed.

Now the Salinen are a special attraction on Zakynthos and offering to the wild life a perfect living space. And there is also a little way in between the Salinen, ideal to go for a walk and enjoy the beautiful environment.

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St. John's The Baptist Monastery

Zakynthos - St. John's The Baptist Monastery Welcome to the monastery of St. Ioannis the Baptist. The monastery which is situated near the village of Katastari (Hartata) was built in the 16th century and offers a free view to the nearby neighbour-island Kefalonia and to the coast of the Peloponnese.

Even though this post-byzantine monastery, which is located on the mountain north of Alykes, was the place to keep various masterpieces of great value, in the past it was a rest area for the pilgrims.

You have the opportunity to see the icons of the famous painters Poulakis and Bafas and the wonderful precious wood footstools.

The building includes a simple abbey, two floors and a tower with a circular base, which served as a defense in the past.

Even today, a monk is living in this beautiful ancient monastery!

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Pentokamaro Old Bridge

Zakynthos - Pentokamaro Old Bridge The Old Bridge is a beautiful stone bridge built over the Skourtis River in Alykes. It is an historical attraction and certainly worth a visit.

It is described as "Pentacamaro Bridge", as "Pente" in Greek, which means five, because it has five arches. The bridge is reached very easy from Alykes and also from the neighbour village Alykanas.

The bridge dates from the 15th Century, the exact year when it was built is unknown. During this time the island was under occupation of the English.

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Zakynthos - Shipwreck Located on the North coast of Zakynthos is the most famous of all sights, the Shipwreck or ‘Navagio’ as it is known in Greek.

This spectacular beach sometimes also called the Smugglers Cove has probably been seen by most tourists before they arrive in Zante as photos are often used in travel brochures or for advertising.

This captivating beach gained prestige when a boat hit rocks in bad weather nearly 30 years ago. The boat was trying to flee the Greek Navy who was pursuing the boat as it contained contraband cigarettes on board.
It is definitely worth a visit as the brilliant white sands and turquoise blue clear sea is simply stunning.

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Blue Caves

Zakynthos - Blue Caves The next famous sights are the "Blue Caves", which are set in the north of Zakynthos.

In 1897 these unusual caves were discovered, with the largest cave called "Blue Grotto". To visit this spectacle you can hire a boat or you book a boat trip and enjoy the drive.

St. Nikolaos harbour, near to Volimes, is the nearest port from where you can make a boat trip, but also many other places on the island offer boat trips to the Blue Caves.

For sure you will never regret this excursion; the colors are magnificently and also this area is perfect for snorkeling!

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